Friday May 13, 2022

Ukrainian officials claim strike on Russian weapons depot in Luhansk region

(CNN) In Ukrainian villages east of the capital of Kyiv where Russian forces have withdrawn, residents begin to slowly emerge from hiding and the new reality they’re facing is nothing short of devastating. CNN’s Clarissa Ward toured a pair of villages that were occupied by Russians for more than a month. She reported that they […]

Ukrainian officials claim strike on Russian weapons depot in Luhansk region

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during the US-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue at the State Department in Washington, DC, on Monday. (Michael McCoy/Pool/AFP/Getty Images) Standing alongside the Indian ministers for foreign affairs and defense on Monday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered a pointed message about supporting Ukraine. Blinken noted that the United […]

If Russia Uses Chemical Weapons In Ukraine, NATO Will Take Action, Warns Official

He did not detail what action the defense alliance would take, but warned: “I can guarantee that NATO is ready to respond proportionately.” NATO is a “defensive alliance, but also it’s a nuclear alliance,” he explained. If Russia uses “chemical weapons or other kinds of higher-end systems against Ukraine, this will be changing fundamentally the […]

Russia-Ukraine war: Junkyard recycling Russia weapons for Ukraine

The sound of rockets launching in the distance breaks the silence of an otherwise quiet morning in Kyiv. “That’s us, we’re attacking Russian positions close to Hostomel,” a Ukrainian soldier says, as the shots fire in a synchronized rhythm. In this particular instance, the rockets the Ukrainian military is using to target Moscow’s invading troops […]

Only 2 Cities Ever Hit By Nuclear Weapons Plead With Putin Not To Detonate Bombs

The mayors of the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki called on Vladimir Putin not to detonate his nuclear weapons in a joint letter last week. Writing four days after Russia’s Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Hiroshima mayor Kazumi Matsui and his Nagasaki counterpart Tomihisa Taue said their cities were “outraged” by his conduct and pleaded for […]

Mounties Seize Weapons Cache, Arrest 11 In Anti-Vaccine Mandate Truckers Blockade

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 11 people involved in a truckers blockade near the U.S.-Canada border on Monday and found a major cache of weapons and body armor in three vehicles, officials announced. Law enforcement seized 13 rifles, handguns, a “large quantity of ammunition” and high-capacity firearm magazines, multiple sets of body armor and […]

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