Friday May 13, 2022

Bird feeders are OK but keep wild birds from backyard chickens as avian flu spreads in Ontario: experts

As avian influenza spreads across Ontario, officials are urging people with backyard chickens to pay attention to potential signs of infection in their flocks. They’re also warning people not to feed wild birds by hand and to ensure bird feeders are kept clean to curb potential spread of the flu. Shayan Sharif, a professor at the Ontario Veterinary […]

Be careful what you sign: Ontario man fighting for home after private mortgage gone wrong

A Markham, Ont., man is struggling to hold on to the home where he’s lived for 15 years after he signed on to a high-interest mortgage with a private lending company that is now pursuing him in court for not making payments. Mississauga-based Morex Capital initiated court proceedings earlier this year to take control of […]

New Heritage Minutes video shines light on history of slavery in Ontario

The latest Heritage Minute highlights Canada’s history of slavery and the path that led to its eventual demise — a story that “needed to be told,” according the head of the organization behind the series. The video focuses on Chloe Cooley, an enslaved Black woman living in the Niagara Region in what was known as Upper Canada in the […]

Ontario just released its 2021 Sunshine List of $100K+ earners. See it for yourself

Ontario has released its 2021 Sunshine List of public sector employees who made more than $100,000 over the past year, with power company and hospital executives among the top earners.  There are more than 244,000 people on the list who made more than six figures last year, up from approximately 205,000 in 2020 — a difference of […]

Ontario legislation to prevent blockades at borders still too broad, advocates say

Progressive Conservative legislation that would prevent protesters from illegally blocking Ontario’s border crossings may still be too broad and could potentially have a “significant impact on expressive activity and peaceful assembly,” according to civil liberties advocates. The “Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act” was tabled on Monday and, if passed, would provide law enforcement with […]

Ontario to boost penalties on developers who breach ethics rules

The Doug Ford government is poised to crack down on developers who unjustifiably cancel or jack up the price of pre-construction sales agreements, CBC News had learned. The province will reveal proposals on Thursday to boost the fines on house and condominium developers who breach Ontario’s rules for the sector, and open the door to suspending […]

Ontario to make some emergency tools permanent to stop illegal blockades

Weeks after protests disrupted an international border crossing in Windsor, Ont. the provincial government is introducing new legislation to better protect international border crossings from a repeat of what happened in February.  The proposed legislation, Keeping Ontario Open for Business Act, 2022, gives law enforcement tools at the ready, without needing to invoke a provincial emergency — something […]

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