Tuesday Jun 28, 2022

Does life flash before our eyes as we die? A Vancouver man’s brain scan suggests it’s possible

A neuroscience discovery in B.C. could challenge our understanding of what happens during the final moments of life.  In a recently published study, a team of doctors said it managed to capture a recording of a dying human brain for the first time.  The scan of an 87 year-old epilepsy patient who died in Vancouver General Hospital in […]

Vladimir Putin Is A ‘Danger To Life’ In Chilling New Street Art

Russian President Vladimir Putin gets the skull and crossbones treatment in street artist Pegasus’ new piece. “Danger To Life,” blares the creation of Chicago-born Pegasus, whose real name is Chris Turner. The artist painted the street art in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his home city of London over the weekend. Pegasus said […]

Life coaches are not always qualified to handle mental illness. Some are trying anyway

Pretty much anyone can become a life coach. The unregulated industry requires little-to-no training and offers the possibility of lucrative returns. But a hidden-camera investigation into the business of life coaching by CBC’s Marketplace found that some coaches are doing more than just helping people meet goals — they’re offering advice about mental illnesses such […]

Kenyan mother approved for temporary visa to visit son on life support in Winnipeg hospital

An international student is on life support, and his mother overseas has been granted approval by the federal government to come see her son after previously being denied. Kenyan Lilian Ndiego applied for a single-entry temporary resident visa to travel to Winnipeg to see her 25-year-old son Tevin Obiga, who is intensive care at St. Boniface […]

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