Friday May 13, 2022

Bird feeders are OK but keep wild birds from backyard chickens as avian flu spreads in Ontario: experts

As avian influenza spreads across Ontario, officials are urging people with backyard chickens to pay attention to potential signs of infection in their flocks. They’re also warning people not to feed wild birds by hand and to ensure bird feeders are kept clean to curb potential spread of the flu. Shayan Sharif, a professor at the Ontario Veterinary […]

Real estate: Experts mixed on foreign homebuyer ban

As Canada announces a two-year ban on foreign homebuyers, real estate experts offered mixed reactions when discussing the impacts on the market. On Thursday, Canada’s federal budget included several measures with the goal of cooling Canada’s red-hot housing market, including $4 billion to help municipalities with planning and delivery of housing projects, and […]

Putin’s push for ruble payments for natural gas exports not strictly about economics, experts say

A demand that Russia be paid in rubles for its natural gas exports appears to be driven by a mix of domestic and geopolitical factors that go beyond strict economic concerns, experts say. Western sanctions enacted since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 have put sustained pressure on its economy. But the war hasn’t halted Russia’s natural gas exports to Europe — nor […]

Parents who kill their own children often exhibit warning signs: experts

In exclusive audio obtained by W5, a caseworker from Jewish Family and Child Service of Greater Toronto, admits to warning her bosses about the escalating behaviour of Robin Brown, just days before he and his daughter, Keira, were found dead at the bottom of a cliff at Ontario’s Rattlesnake Point, a conservation area west of […]

Zelensky, Putin videos provide glimpse of evolving deepfake threat, experts say

More people know Volodymyr Zelensky’s face than ever before as the president leads Ukraine in a fight against a Russian invasion that’s now in its fourth week. In turn, a headline-grabbing deepfake video recently targeted Zelensky’s high level of visibility, by putting words in his mouth that he never said. The fake Zelensky video purported to show the president telling Ukrainians to lay down their arms […]

Experts lay out a strategy for U.S. energy independence amid Ukraine war

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that energy independence is vital for national security, experts say, as European nations rely on Russian oil, a dependency that undermines the impact of the sanctions against the aggressor nation. Although the U.S. relied much less on Russian oil (before President […]

10 biggest COVID mistakes – Americans deserve an apology from the medical experts

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The medical establishment has marched in lockstep on COVID-19, presenting a consensus of expertise as they marginalized physicians who had different opinions. Two years into the pandemic, it’s fair to ask, how did public health officials do?  Surface transmission  Wash your hands like crazy (at least 20 […]

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