Wednesday May 11, 2022

California Considers 4-Day Workweek Bill For Companies With At Least 500 Employees

A new bill being debated in the California Assembly could make the state the first to implement a four-day workweek for companies with 500 employees or more. Under the proposed legislation, employers in the state would be forced to pay overtime at a rate of at least 1 1/2 times an employee’s regular pay rate […]

Canada needs workers — so why aren’t more companies hiring the neurodivergent?

The founders of a job fair for those with autism don’t only want to find careers for an untapped workforce — they also hope employers will realize these highly skilled job seekers can help solve a national labour shortage.  “People with autism are very much capable of working and they are some of the best employees,” said […]

Freedom Convoy: Tow truck companies rejecting Ottawa police request for help

Local towing companies are rejecting Ottawa police requests for help towing ‘Freedom Convoy’ trucks out of the downtown core, according to a senior police source. The source told CTV News Ottawa that even if police decided to tow the trucks from the downtown streets they have been clogging up for the past week, they wouldn’t […]

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